What Is A Token Female?

What does token mean in banking?

Banking tokens are easy-to-use devices that help authenticate digital banking users.

Connected or unconnected, these security tokens meet the multi-factor authentication security requirements for “something you know” and “something you have” very effectively..

What is affirmative action?

“Affirmative action” means positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and culture from which they have been historically excluded.

What is a token in C++?

A token is the smallest element of a C++ program that is meaningful to the compiler. The C++ parser recognizes these kinds of tokens: Keywords. Identifiers. Numeric, Boolean and Pointer Literals.

What is the tokenistic fallacy?

Tokenistic Fallacy. —One guilty of the tokenistic fallacy assumes that the presence of people of color in influential positions is evidence of the eradication of racial obstacles.

What does it mean to be a token?

adjective. Definition of token (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : representing no more than a symbolic effort : minimal, perfunctory token resistance token integration. b : serving or intended to show absence of discrimination a token female employee.

Which is an example of tokenism?

“Another common example of tokenism is someone being asked to present at a conference, but it’s always on being a person of that identity in that field rather than their work standing on its own, for instance, ‘Being a woman in tech. ‘”

What does token person mean?

Tokenism is the practice of making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort to be inclusive to members of minority groups, especially by recruiting people from underrepresented groups in order to give the appearance of racial or sexual equality within a workforce.

How does a software token work?

Soft tokens are software programs, typically downloadable mobile authenticator applications, such as RapidIdentity Mobile or Google Authenticator, that effectively turn a user’s device into an OTP generator. … The user can then generate an OTP to verify the setup process worked with the server.

What is the meaning of token money?

Token money, or token, is money that has little intrinsic value compared to its face value. Unlike fiat money, which also has little intrinsic value, it is limited legal tender. It does not have free coinage.

What is token passing in networking?

On a local area network, token passing is a channel access method where a signal called a token is passed between nodes to authorize that node to communicate. In contrast to polling access methods, there is no pre-defined “master” node.

What is a token of love?

love token in British English (lʌv ˈtəʊkən) a gift that is symbolic of a love relationship.

What is a token in programming?

In programming, a token is a single element of a programming language. There are five categories of tokens: 1) constants, 2) identifiers, 3) operators, 4) separators, and 5) reserved words. For example, the reserved words “new” and “function” are tokens of the JavaScript language.

What is a token password?

Token password These passwords help keep your account(s) and money secure and are needed when you sign in to Remote Banking (Internet), pay or add beneficiaries and update your profile details.