What Happens When You Log Off Grindr?

Does logging out of Grindr?

iOS users in our recent Grindr version 4.3.

Android users on the latest versions +4.0 are able now to log out from Grindr.

Your messages and media will remain as long as you don’t uninstall the Grindr app..

Can I hide my Grindr profile?

Going Incognito Tap on your profile to view. Click your status. A drop-down menu will reveal two options: Online Now and Incognito. Select Incognito.

How long does grindr suspend your account for?

1 minute1 minute with the premium account and grindr can suspend you and keep your funds for any reason (or none at all) because that’s their discretion.

Does blocking on Grindr delete messages?

The chat history is lost. Any chats you had with the blocked user are deleted when you block them and not recovered when you unblock.

Does your profile disappear when you delete Grindr?

If you would like to remove Grindr from your device you can follow these steps: Please note: your conversations and saved photos/phrases will disappear, but your profile information (photo, about, favorites and blocks) won’t be affected.

Can you temporarily deactivate Grindr?

Can you temporarily deactivate Grindr? – Disable Grindr’s “ShowDistance” feature. Go to your profile, then tap the Settingsgear (top right). – If you’re somewhere you’drather not disclose, temporarily turn off Location Servicesfor Grindr.

Can you have 2 Grindr accounts?

You can use 2(two), 3(Three) or multiple Grindr accounts on your phone , android without root , and iphone.

How long do messages stay on Grindr?

24 hoursGenerally, Grindr does not maintain user chat messages for longer than 24 hours once the message has been delivered to the recipient.

Can you hide grindr on your phone?

DAI is offered on both platforms (Android/iOS) as a free security feature to all our Grindr Users.

Can you recover a deleted Grindr account?

Unfortunately, a deleted profile can’t be recovered as this is a permanent action. You can, however, create a new profile using the same credentials.