What Does Brodie Mean In Slang?

What does Brodie mean?

Some of the suggestions that have been advanced as to the meaning of the name Brodie are: Gaelic for “a little ridge”; “a brow”, or “a precipice”; “ditch” or “mire”, from the old Irish word broth; …

or originated from the Pict name Brude, Bruide or Bridei from the Pictish King name Bridei..

What does Stoosh mean in slang?

Spelling Variations : stoosh, Slang term for someone that acts superior, stuck up, conceited etc… Patois: Why dat likkle gyal ah act so stoosh?

What does the name Brodie mean for a girl?

Meaning of the name Brodie From the Gaelic surname , originally a place name meaning ‘ditch’ or ‘muddy place’.

What does still mean in slang?

Styll sounds like “still” but it means you agree or it’s true. It’s like the 80’s saying, “word.”

How common is the name Brodie?

While Brody is currently a Top 100 favorite boy’s name in America, the spelling of Brodie (with an “ie”) is considerably less popular.