Quick Answer: Will MetroPCS Let You Pay Late?

How do I extend my Metro PCS service?

To get the 48-hour extension, you will have to wait until your phone is suspended.

Once this happens, you need to then contact the Metro customer service using another Metro phone.

An alternative would be to simply go to any Metro store to get additional help..

What is Bill float on Metro PCS?

After reviewing the website and a few other online sources, it appears the concept is pretty straight forward. If you find yourself in a position where one of your bills is due and you do not have the money available to pay the bill on time, BillFloat will pay the bill and you repay BillFloat within 30 days.

How many times can you get an extension with MetroPCS?

As noted over at this bill extension thread, it seems that MetroPCS now only gives you the option for a maximum extension of 48 hours. And…to get the extension, your account must already be suspended. Once it’s suspended, you can contact them to apply for the extension.

What is BillFloat?

BillFloat provides innovative credit solutions that give consumers broader, on-demand access to credit, offering them more time to pay bills, ongoing access to cash and the ability to get high-cost items like smartphones with monthly payments.

Does cell phone bill show on credit report?

Do Cellphone Bills Affect Your Credit Score? Turns out, credit bureaus do not have a record of your cellphone payments, although 52% thought that was the case. You may experience phone service shutoffs if you don’t pay your bill every month, but missing payments won’t affect your credit score.

How late can I pay my Metro PCS bill?

The payment date will remain the same for your account, so you may not have as many days that month to use your service before the next payment is due again. If you do not make a payment within 30 days, your phone will be disconnected.

How do I change my due date with MetroPCS?

Your payment cycle will not change, and the new plan will take effect at the beginning of your next month of service. There are three ways you can change your Metro by T-Mobile plan. You can make changes online in My Account, in store, or over the phone with customer service at 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768).

Can I pay half my MetroPCS bill?

Pay half of the bill You can pay off your Metro PCS bill in installments. For instance, some people split the bill and pay one half of the total amount at the beginning of the billing cycle and the other half closer to the due date.

How can I activate a MetroPCS phone without paying?

MetroPCS allows phone activation even without service. All you need to do is call MetroPCS customer care number and they will activate your phone without paying. The other way is by visiting their store.

Is Metro by T Mobile closing?

Multiple sources are reporting that T-Mobile is closing down more Metro by T-Mobile prepaid stores – to now include possibly 1,500 to 2,000 exclusive Metro by T-Mobile shops.

How much is MetroPCS late fee?

If you miss your payment due date, your service will be temporarily interrupted until payment posts to your account. We have no late fee, and your service will automatically be turned on as soon as your payment is applied to your account.

What is a one time extension Metro PCS?

You can get a 72-hour extension, no data, once per month, and need to wait until your service is suspended to get the extension. Your bill will still be due on the original day, and that’s it.

Can I get an extension on my MetroPCS bill?

MetroPCS now only gives you a bill extension of 48 hours. To get the extension, you will have to wait for your account to be suspended. Once this happens, you will have to contact Metro by T-Mobile or visit a physical store for assistance.

Does MetroPCS give you a grace period?

Is there a grace period for making payments? In order to ensure continued use of your MetroPCS service, you must pay for the service by your due date. If you do not pay for your service by the due date, your service will be suspended until the payment is made.