Quick Answer: What Is Paytm No?

How can I contact Paytm payment bank customer care?

Call us on Our 24*7 helpline number: 0120-4456-456 to help resolve your query..

How do I know my Paytm number?

How to find Paytm wallet number1 : Open Paytm app and tap on top 3 lines.2 : Click on your profile.3 : Tap on update phone number.4 : Here you can see your mobile number which is registered in PaytM.

How can I use Paytm Customer Care FAQ?

You can contact us at paytm.com/care and provide your email id and mobile number….Once you complete your three-step process of mobile recharging on Paytm.com, you will receive the following from us:Immediate response on your screen.Receipt in an email.SMS on your mobile.SMS from your operator with recharge details.

How can I get Paytm mobile number?

Here are the steps follow:Launch your Paytm App.Tap on the ‘Pay’ icon.Tap on the Mobile Number option.Enter the mobile number of the person whom you want to send money to. … Enter the amount you want to send.You can mention the reason for sending money. … Tap on ‘Pay’More items…

How can I delete my Paytm account permanently?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to raise account closure request:Step 1: Login to Paytm with your old phone number.Step 2: On the home screen, click on “☰” at the top left corner.Step 3: Go to 24×7 Help.Step 4: Go to ‘Profile Settings’Step 5: Select ‘I need to close/delete my account’More items…

How many days will it take to refund money from Paytm?

A refund request usually takes 7-14 business days to reflect in customer’s account depending on the bank used for payment.

How can I use Paytm to pay my mobile number?

Scan the recipient’s QR code or enter their mobile number in the ‘Pay’ option of your Paytm app. Enter the amount you want to transfer and tap on ‘Pay’. Your money will be instantly transferred from your Paytm Wallet to the recipient’s Wallet.

Is Paytm banned in India?

No, Paytm is not banned in India and it continues to remain operational in the country. Though the company has a substantial Chinese investment, it is not a Chinese company.

Why I Cannot use Paytm wallet?

In case, any one of the parties have not completed their KYC, the transaction would not happen. Despite having completed the KYC process, to send an amount higher than Rs. 10,000, you will need to add the receiver as a beneficiary through your Paytm app.

How do I remove my bank details from Paytm?

How can I change my bank account for payment settlement from Paytm? Go to Payout Settings under the main Settings menu, select ‘Change’ in the Bank Details section and follow the on-screen instructions.

How can I delete my Paytm account?

Steps To Remove Primary Bank Account In PaytmOpen the Paytm app on your smartphone or any other device.Tap in the Profile icon and click on Settings.Once you open Settings, go to Payment Settings.Open Saved Payment Details.More items…•

How can I use Paytm for the first time?

In order to use the Paytm Wallet and transact cash-free, follow the steps below:Set up a Paytm account using your mobile number and email ID.Add some money to your Paytm Wallet using netbanking, debit card, or credit card.To transfer money to someone else, select the ‘Pay or Send’ option.More items…•

How can I complain to Paytm mall?

To successfully lodge a Paytm Mall complaint, you can call on Paytm Mall customer helpline number 011 33776677. Alternatively, you can use the website or mobile app to raise your issue online. Here, you simply have to use the ‘Help Centre’ section to send your complaint.

Can I use Paytm without bank account?

You are not required to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank to use the wallet. Q. Can I opt out? In case you choose not to continue to enjoy the benefits of your Paytm Wallet, log in to Paytm.com/care to notify your choice of opting out and redeeming your balance by a one time transfer to your own bank account.

How can I receive money from Paytm?

How to request or accept money through Paytm wallet?Open the Paytm app.On the app home screen, tap on the ‘Accept Payment’ option.You can accept payments in three ways: QR Code.

What is RR number in Paytm?

We get a reference number (ARN/RRN) from the bank which we immediately inform the customer. This number signifies that bank has acknowledged the refund. Issuing Bank (Bank which has issued you the card) can take up to 7 days to reflect that money back into your account.

Does Paytm charge for money transfer?

Paytm offers you a platform to pay or transfer money through different modes of payment. While money transfers from one bank account to another are free of cost, there is a 5% convenience fee for transferring money from your Paytm wallet to a bank account. … Hence, Paytm wallet to bank transfers are chargeable at 5%.

How can I activate my Paytm wallet?

Here is how to activate the Paytm wallet via the web:First of all Visit Paytm.com.Now click on ‘Login/Sign Up’ on the top-right corner of the page.Then click on ‘Sign Up’.Now enter your mobile number, email address, and password.Click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’.Now enter the OTP.More items…•

How can I talk to Paytm executive?

Paytm Customer Service Hotline Paytm facilitates its users with a customer service hotline to contact their team of customer service. In case anyone has an issue or complaint regarding their products and services, simply dial the following numbers: 0120–3888–388 (Toll-free) 9643979797.

Can I get refund from Paytm?

Paytm now enables merchants to provide instant refunds to their customers in their bank accounts. Historically, depending on the payment method used by the customer, the time taken to refund the amount would vary between 3-5 days.

How can I get my money back from Paytm number?

Funds transferred once to a person cannot be claimed or reversed by Paytm. Various regulatory agencies make it very clear that no-one can claim or reverse such funds and only the account owner can give consent to its bank to withdraw such funds.

How can I contact Paytm customer care Quora?

If you want to talk to Paytm customer care number~`62;-9O÷881÷361-;;+# Executive regarding your issue.

How can I report my Paytm number?

In case of any security concerns regarding your Paytm account, give us a call at 0120 3888 3888 or report the issue at https://paytm.com/care/privacyandsecurity/ and we’ll get in touch instantly.

Is Paytm safe?

Paytm is PCI DSS compliant in terms of security. We never store customer’s CVV number to ensure their Credit and Debit Card details are completely safe. All financial transactions on Paytm are done with 128-bit encryption SSL security.

Can I remove my KYC from Paytm?

Step 1: Call the Paytm customer care number @ 01204456456. Step 2: Place a request to send you an email to unlink your Aadhaar. Step 3: You will get an email from Paytm asking you to attach a clear photo of your Aadhaar card.