Quick Answer: What If Father’S Name In Pan Card Is Wrong?

Can I change my PAN card name?

PAN Card Name Correction Online Visit the UTIITSL or NSDL portal and request for ‘PAN card name correction/change’ application form.

Fill in the form and update the field that needs to be changed or updated.

Carefully check and make sure all your personal details are filled accurately..

How much time does it take for correction in PAN card?

15 to 30 daysThere is no fixed timeline announced for PAN Card correction. However, it generally takes 15 to 30 days for PAN card correction and the card is generally sent to the applicant within 45 days from the submission of the acknowledgment slip.

Does Aadhaar card have fathers name?

Synopsis. Aadhaar is a 12-digit UID number being issued by UIDAI to all Indian residents. Aadhar asks only for a woman applicant’s father’s or husband’s name.

How can I change my father name in PAN card?

How to Apply for PAN Card Update/Correction Online?Step 1: Visit www.tin-nsdl.com, the official website of NSDL E-Governance.Step 2: Under Services Section, Click on “PAN”.Step 3: Click “Apply” under the “Change/Correction in PAN Data” section.More items…•

How can I correct my PAN card mistake?

How to Correct PAN Card MistakesTo download the PAN change request form, go to the official website of the IT department and click on “Online Application for Changes or Correction in PAN Data”.Scroll down on the page opened and select the required field.More items…

Is affidavit enough for name change?

The affidavit reflects both your old and new names. Affidavits can be used for changing the whole name, surname or just a few letters. Keep a copy of the affidavit. This is a crucial document and comes in handy for any future legal formalities.

How can I correct my date of birth?

The correct format of your date of birth should be in dd/mm/yyyy. For example, if your date of birth is 9th October 1984, then it will be mentioned as 09/10/1984.

How do I correct father name in all documents?

1. You wish to rectify the name of your father in your documents, so no publication is required to be made for this. 2. In case of PAN Card send an application to the INcome Tax Department and for passport write to RTO and submit the application form to rectify the error in the name.

How can I correct my father’s name in 10th certificate?

In order to change your father’s name from your 10th &12th certificates you need to visit your regional office of your respective school board with an application stating that you need to rectify the name of your father in the certificates and then the officials will tell you the further steps.

What is the fees for correction in PAN card?

The fee for Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Corrections in PAN Data is 96.00 ( 85.00 application charge + 12.36% Service Tax). Demand draft / cheque shall be in favour of ‘NSDL – PAN’. Name of the applicant and the acknowledgment number should be mentioned on the reverse of the demand draft / cheque.

Is father’s name mandatory in PAN card?

Currently, furnishing father’s name is mandatory for the allotment of Permanent Account Number (PAN). … The notification has also made it mandatory for entities that have made financial transactions worth Rs 2.5 lakh or more in a financial year to apply for a PAN card.

How can I edit 10th Marksheet?

Steps for Name Correction in Class 10 and 12 Marksheet1) Get the Application Form: First of all, students need to take the application form. … 2) Fill up the Application Form. Students have to fill up the application form correctly by giving all the details. … 3) Document Submission. … 4) Fees Submission.

Can I get PAN card in 2 days?

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a vital proof of identity. … Still, the applicant can still obtain a PAN card in just 2 days time by applying for it on the NSDL website. You too can apply for a PAN card by filling up an application in Form 49A or Form 49AA.

Can I correct my PAN card online?

Visit NSDL Online by clicking here: Select ‘PAN correction’ option from the ‘application type’ dropdown, and fill out your personal details. … If the application is for re-issuance of a PAN card without any changes in PAN related data, fill all fields in the form but do not select any box on left margin.

What happens if date of birth is wrong on PAN card?

To change name and date of birth in PAN Card one needs to fill up the Change/Correction Form online/offline to make changes or correction. Change/Correction Request Form can be downloaded from the official website of NSDL or UTI Technology Services Limited, who are authorized for it.

Is it possible to change name in educational certificates?

Having changed your name officially, now you can approach the educational institution and inform them about the new name. … Once you submit the documents ascertaining the change of name, then it’s only a matter of time before it gets incorporated in your educational certificate.

Is full name required for PAN card?

Individual applicants should provide full/abbreviated name to be printed on the PAN card. Name, if abbreviated, should necessarily contain the last name. For non individual applicants, this should be same as last name field in item no.

Can I change my father name in Aadhar card?

But there is nothing to worry about. Either you can change the spelling of your father’s name in AADHAR card, by contacting the UIDAI website.