Quick Answer: Is Mitron Safe?

Who is owner of mitron app?

Shivank AgarwalAfter keeping silent for well over a week, Mitron app founders Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal told indianexpress.com that their app came back on Google Play store after they complied with the request for the proper documentation needed as a UGC platform..

Are Chinese Apps dangerous?

In 2017, the Indian Intelligence Agency advised against using 42 mobile applications that were developed by Chinese developers or had a link to China. The warning was issued for the Indian Army and paramilitary forces and said that these apps could spy and have cyber-attack capability.

Is mitron APP deleted?

Mitron app — the popular Indian alternative for TikTok — has been removed from Google Play store earlier this week. The app had over 5 million downloads. … Earlier this week, we removed a video app for a number of technical policy violations.

Is mitron a safe app?

Satyajit Sinha, cybersecurity researcher at Counterpoint told indianexpress.com: “It’s risky to use Mitron app given it doesn’t have any additional firewall or software security on top of the source code. The privacy policy is weak and that can put user data at risk in the long run.”

Is mitron app Indian?

Mitron app is not made in India but bought from a Pakistani software developer Qboxus, according to a report. … Irfan Sheikh, the founder and CEO of Qboxus, the company that made the TicTic app, told News18 that he sold the source code of the app to Mitron’s creator for $34, or approximately Rs. 2,500.

Why was mitron app removed?

Mitron was delisted after Google found it violating Google Play’s “Spam and Minimum Functionality” policy. Mitron app, a TikTok clone, is available via Google Play store once again. The short video platform was removed from Google Play store earlier this week due to violations of Google Play policies.

Is mitron a Chinese app?

Mitron became popular in India days after it was launched due to the rise in anti-China of late. Interestingly, the app that claimed to be an Indian substitute to Chinese-app TikTok, isn’t Indian enough. The app was bought by IIT Roorkee Shivank Agarwal from Pakistani coding company Qboxus.

Why should we remove China Apps?

If you have the Remove China Apps application already downloaded on your phone it will still work for you. As the name suggests, Remove China Apps application lets users delete all applications on their phones that are developed in China. It scans the user’s device and lists the apps with China as their origin.

Why Datally is removed?

Datally lists app data consumption and enables users on Android to shut off mobile data to certain apps, in an effort to keep data consumption in control. … The removal of the listing was noticed by Android Police, which also points out that the app is still functioning for those who already have it installed.

Why did Google remove TikTok?

Google has deleted millions of negative TikTok reviews from its Play store after the app’s rating fell from 4.5 to 1.2 stars overnight. The video-sharing platform was inundated with one-star reviews after an Indian creator posted a spoof video of an acid attack.

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