Quick Answer: How Do I File A Nil VAT Return?

Do I still need to file my VAT return?

Usually, if you pay your VAT monthly or quarterly, the deadline for submitting your return and paying any VAT you owe is one calendar month and seven days after the end of the VAT period.

If you choose to defer a VAT payment, you will have until 31 March 2021 to pay it..

What does nil VAT mean?

What is ‘Zero VAT Return’ or ‘Nil VAT Return’? In case there is no payable VAT or no amount has to be reclaimed, still the company is required to submit a tax return referred to as ‘Zero VAT return’

What happens if you don’t submit VAT return?

If HMRC records a “default” due to lack of payment OR timely submission of your VAT return, they may place you under a 12 month “surcharge period.” This is essentially a probationary period so any subsequent late filings or payments made during this time will result in penalty fees and a lengthened surcharge period.

How do I file a VAT return?

Click on ‘e-Returns’ or select ‘Returns’ from the navigation menu and click on ‘File Returns’ Select the Type, enter your taxpayer’s PIN and selects the Tax obligation as ‘VAT’ and Click ‘Next’ Fill all the details such as Type of return, Entity type, branch name and return period available in return filing page.

How do I submit my VAT return in UAE?

You must file for tax return electronically through the FTA portal: eservices.tax.gov.ae. Before filing the VAT return form on the portal, make sure you have met all tax returns requirements.

How do I file nil VAT return in UAE?

The form requires taxpayers to report supplies zero-rated supplies, exempted supplies, etc separately and Standard rate supplies at 5 per cent for each emirate. VAT return can be filed using form VAT 201 and Form 311 to claim input refund.