Quick Answer: Does Walgreens Cash Western Union Money Orders?

Can I deposit a Western Union money order in my bank account?

You can generally deposit a Western Union money order in your bank account, or cash it at a check-cashing store or Western Union outlet..

Can I cash a money order at CVS?

You can’t cash money orders at CVS, but you can cash a money order at a check-cashing store or some grocery stores with proper ID. Depending on the location, you might be charged a fee for cashing a money order. You can also deposit the money order at your bank or credit union.

How can I cash a money order without a bank account?

Your Bank or Credit Union (You may be able to cash a money order at a bank where you don’t have an account, but they’ll likely charge you a fee.) Using your bank or credit union has several advantages: You can either cash or deposit the money order.

How do I pick up money from Western Union at Dollar General?

Visit WU.com or the Western Union® app and select “Pick up cash” from the menu. (MTCN) provided by your sender. Visit your preferred Dollar General location. pick up your cash.

How do you cash a Western Union money order that has already been filled out?

No, you cannot make changes to a completed money order. Any form of alteration or correction will result in ineligibility for cashing. Alternatively, you may opt for a refund through our office, which you may obtain by following the How do I request a Money Order refund instructions.

Does Food Lion cash Western Union money orders?

Food Lion sells a Western Union money orders up to $500 for a fee of less than $1. … Like most grocery stores, Food Lion doesn’t cash money orders.

Who will cash a Western Union money order?

You can cash a money order at places like Western Union or Moneygram, at some grocery and convenience stores, and at the post office.

How much does it cost to cash a Western Union money order?

Money Order LocationsLocationCostMaximumUSPS$1.25/$1.75$500/$1,000USPS International$10.25 + issuing fee of country (no Japan)$700Walmart88 cents (may vary by location)$1,000Western UnionMay vary by location$1,0007 more rows

What grocery stores cash money orders?

For example, there are many grocery stores, such as Publix, Meijer and Winn-Dixie that sell money orders, but do not cash them….Places to Cash Money OrdersAt your Bank or Credit Union. … At the Money Order Issuer (Post Office, MoneyGram and Western Union) … Walmart. … Kroger.More items…•

Does CVS offer Western Union?

Though Western Union can be found at many different locations (like Walgreens Western Union near me, Walmart Western Union near me, Kroger Western Union near me, Western Union SpeedPay, CVS Western Union, Dollar General Western Union, and Rite Aid Western Union) Western Union is its own company with its own …

Does 7 Eleven cash money orders?

7-Eleven doesn’t cash money orders. For more details of 7-Eleven’s money order services, see below.

Will Walmart cash a Western Union money order?

A few common facilities that will take your money remittance and turn it into cash include convenience stores, grocery stores, big department stores like Walmart and check cashing places. There are also international sites, like the India Post Western Union, that you can use if you’re currently traveling abroad.

Does Dollar General cash Western Union money orders?

Dollar General and Western Union announced today that customers are now able to complete Western Union® money transfers at more than 15,400 Dollar General locations across 44 states. … Dollar General looks forward to serving customers with convenient money transfers services through its alliance with Western Union.

Does Walgreens use Western Union?

Customers can access Western Union services via Walgreens self-service kiosks where they can pay bills and also use existing Western Union international and domestic money transfer services.

How do I send money to a Western Union card?

Receiving money sent via Western Union® services to your card is easy….Follow 3 simple steps below to pick up money directly to your card:Choose Receive Money option.Log in to your profile.Enter your MTCN number, sender’s name, country, amount and choose a payment card to get your money.