Question: What Does C O Mean In Text?

What is C O used for?

Often abbreviated as c/o, “care of” means through someone or by way of someone.

This phrase indicates that something is to be delivered to an addressee where they don’t normally receive correspondence.

In practice, it lets the post office know the recipient is not the normal recipient at that street address..

Why does How come mean?

The phrase “how come” is short for an older phrase “how come you by this notion?”; synonymous with “how do you arrive at this conclusion?”. … All of this can and has been shortened to “how come”, which generally means “what is the reason”, which in turn is synonymous with “why”.

Does co only mean two?

1. Together; joint; jointly; mutually: coeducation. 2.

What does are stand for in school?

ARE Age Related ExpectationsARE in EducationAREAge Related Expectations + 1 variant Expectation, Assessment, TeachingAREAge-Related Expectations Learning, Studying, TeachingA.R.E.Architect Registration Examination + 2 variants Landscape, Architecture, BusinessA.R.E.Architectural Registration Examination Architect, Design, Business16 more rows

What does it mean to be a co owner?

A co-owner is an individual or group that shares ownership in an asset with another individual or group. Each co-owner owns a percentage of the asset, although the amount may vary according to the ownership agreement.

What does co mean legally?

CO. A prefix that denotes jointness or the state of being conjunct or united. To be together, with, or not separate from; conjoint or combined. A corespondent in a lawsuit is one who is joined as a defendant in the suit.

What does co stand for?

Co. is an abbreviation for company, a catchall phrase for an association of people working together in a commercial or industrial enterprise, such as in a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or corporation.

What does SRE mean in texting?

Sex and Relationship EducationSlang / Jargon (1) Acronym. Definition. SRE. Sex and Relationship Education.

What does co mean as a prefix?

prefix. Legal Definition of co- (Entry 4 of 4) 1 : with : together : joint : jointly codefendant. 2a : associated in an action with another : fellow co-conspirator. b : having a usually lesser share in duty or responsibility : alternate : deputy co-counsel.

What does co mean in science?

Carbon MonoxidePoisonous vs Harmless Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, toxic gas that has the molecular formula CO. The molecule consists of a carbon atom that is triply bonded to an oxygen atom. Carbon monoxide is a commercially important chemical.

What does co stand for in medical terms?

carbon monoxide complainsList of medical abbreviations: CAbbreviationMeaningC/O or c/ocomplains of…COcardiac output carbon monoxide complains of…COADchronic obstructive airways diseaseCOCPcombined oral contraceptive pill203 more rows

What does co stand for in text?

Commanding Officer”Commanding Officer” is the most common definition for CO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. CO. Definition: Commanding Officer.

Who is a co?

Commanding officer (CO), the officer in command of a military unit. Contracting Officer (CO or KO), in the U.S. government.

What does SRS stand for?

supplemental restraint systemSRS stands for supplemental restraint system, which relates to your vehicle’s airbags.

What does SRE mean in school?

Sex and relationships educationLast updated January 2011. Sex and relationships education (SRE) is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health.

What is .co called?

CO is the ccTLD for the country of Colombia according to ISO 3166.

What is the meaning of CO in clothing?

Clothing OptionalWhat does CO stand for? CO stands for “Clothing Optional” How to abbreviate “Clothing Optional”? “Clothing Optional” can be abbreviated as CO.

How do you use CO?

C/o, or CO, means “care of” and it’s used on a letter to indicate that the envelope is being delivered to someone at an address where they don’t normally receive their mail.