Question: How Do I Pay My Prepaid Dialog TV?

How do I reload my Dialog TV?

Visit and reload using multiple options such as Credit Card , ATM card, Genie, eZcash or Star points.

Log on to the MyDialog App to reload using your credit or debit card conveniently.

You can also save the card details and use ‘Quickpay’ function when you reload in future..

How can I activate dialog data package?

Activation methodsVisit the MyDialog app to activate.Visit to activate.USSD > Dial #678#

How do I reload my phone?

How to reload phonesSelect ‘Reload’Choose your recipient’s country.Enter the phone number.Pick a reload amount.Choose to pay with a bank account, debit card, or credit card.Press ‘Authorize’ and you’re done.

How do I reload my dialog number?

How do I transfer the amount?SMS: Type ezamountreceiver’s mobile numberPIN and send it to 356.USSD: Dial #356# → Select option 2 → Select option 2 → Enter amount → Enter the receiver’s mobile number → Enter PIN.The MyDialog self-help mobile app → Share Credit.More items…

How do I reload dialog 345 package?

Yes. Simply dial #678# or reload Rs. 345. Each pack will be valid for 30 days from activation.

What are the dialog data packages?

Monthly Rental Packages199. Anytime Data. 1.43GB. FREE Data Bonus. 2.14GB. … 349. Anytime Data. 2.64GB. FREE Data Bonus. 3.96GB. … 499. Anytime Data. 3.96GB. FREE Data Bonus. 5.94GB. … 649. Anytime Data. 5.5GB. FREE Data Bonus. 8.25GB. … 949. Anytime Data. 8.8GB. FREE Data Bonus. 13.2GB. … 1449. Anytime Data. 14.3GB. FREE Data Bonus. 21.45GB.

How do I add more data to dialog WIFI?

How do I activate a Data Add-on?USSD: Dial #678# > Mobile Data > DATA ADD-ON Pack.Visit to activate.SMS: Type GB Value MOREPack Value. Eg: 1MORE 60 and SMS to 678.Via the MyDialog App.

How can I get data loan from dialog?

Data LoanDial #356# from your Dialog Mobile (prepaid connection) to activate this service. Step 1 – Dial #356# Step 2 – Select Option 1 “Ask for Loan” Step 3 – Select Option 3 “Data Loan-Prepaid” Step 4 – Select the applicable loan (option 1 or 2)To obtain the data loan your account balance should always be less than Rs.29/-

How do I pay my Dialog TV bill?

More videos on YouTubeOpen the MyDialog app and click on RELOAD / PAY.Select the number you want to reload / bill payment from the list and enter the value. … Enter ATM (credit/debit) card details in the respective fields. … Optional Feature.More items…

How can I pay my Dialog TV bill online?

Reload / Pay Bill OnlineSelect Connection Type.Payment Details.Confirmation.Payment Receipt.

How can I know my Dialog TV account number?

Your DTV bill can be checked via below methods.By dialing 456.Type Bill[space]DTV account number and send to 679 (from any Dialog mobile connection)By dialing #147#Via My Account Portal.Via MyDialog App.

What is dialog billing?

Dialog DCB is a service that allows Dialog customers to purchase Google Play content and bill the amount to their Dialog account.

How do I reload my dialog home broadband?

Recharge OptionsReload from any retail point across the island.Top-up at leading supermarkets and leading banks.Via My Dialog App (Credit card/ Genie / Star points / Ez Cash)Via Dialog my account portal (credit card)Enter the PIN on recharge card. USSD – Dial #678# and select Home Broadband from your Dialog mobile.