Question: How Do I Copy A Role From One System To Another In SAP?

How do I copy a role from one client to another in SAP?

Add a comment tcode PFCG.

create role Z_xxxxxx.

SAVE it.

then go no to Menu -Role _Download -SAVE role with name .sap..

How do you copy a role in SAP?

Identify the roles(s) to be used as the source for your role copy.Log on to client needing the role.Go to transaction PFCG.On the Role Maintenance screen, either type in the role name to be copied or select it from a dropdown. … Click the Copy role button or press Shift+F11.More items…•

How do you download and upload roles in SAP?

Role Upload & Download in SAPlogin to SAP and execute PFCG. Go to Role->expand ->select download option. By using download option we can do only one role. … now select the location and download the roles … Role will save as . SAP format. … Next open the target system and then go to PFCG.

What is scc1?

SCC1 transaction is used to pull the requests with in the same server in different clients like within same server from client 100 to 200 without releasing the request. STMS Transaction is used when requests are released ..