Question: How Can I Get Smart Postpaid?

How do I reconnect my Smart postpaid?

To lift the redirection, simply settle the outstanding balance and report payment to continuously enjoy uninterrupted connection.

To report payment, dial **888* using your Smart cellphone or (02) 888-1111 via landline.

To know the many ways you can settle your bill, click here..

How can I know my Smart postpaid account number?

How to view postpaid account detailsLog in to My Smart with your mobile number/email address and password.Under ‘My Smart Accounts’ select the linked account you wish to view.Your details will appear under ‘Account Overview’.

Which Jio plan is best for 3 months?

3-month plans: –The Rs 329 plan offers 6GB data for three months and 3,000 minutes of free offnet calls. –The Rs 555 plan offers 1.5GB data per day with 3,000 minutes of free offnet calls. –The Rs 599 plan comes with 2GB data per day and 3,000 minutes of free offnet calls.

What is smart credit limit?

Credit Limit This puts a limit to all charges that you may accumulate within a billing period. If you exceed it, Smart may temporarily suspend services to help you manage your usage.

Why postpaid is expensive than prepaid?

One of the best reasons for prepaid is that you can get a lot more data for cheaper than postpaid. Prepaid is cheaper than postpaid the same way a coach ticket on an airplane is cheaper than first-class. … Postpaid is also more expensive because of the bigger commission it has to pay for sales staff.

How do I get a smart plan?

How to Apply for a Smart Postpaid Plan Online?STEP 1: Choose Your Plan. Go to the Smart Online Store at and click on Postpaid Plans.STEP 2: Choose your phone. Review the plan details. … STEP 3: Check Out. Click Add to Cart.STEP 4: Accomplish Form and Submit Requirements. Fill out the online application form.

How can I know my postpaid bill?

If you are an Airtel Postpaid user, then read further to know how to check Airtel postpaid bill….Other Airtel Postpaid USSD Codes List.Airtel Postpaid One-time email bill CheckSend SMS EBILL to 121Airtel Postpaid Data Packs Check USSD CodeDial *121*11#8 more rows•Apr 5, 2019

How long does it take for a Smart postpaid plan to be approved?

For postpaid applications, once the application has gone thru the validation & approval process which are relative to documentation and plan applied for, delivery takes 1 to 7 working days.

What is difference between postpaid and prepaid?

The difference between a prepaid and postpaid mobile plan is all about when you pay your bill. On a prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. On a postpaid plan, you pay at the end of the month based on your usage. This means that a prepaid plan is the best choice is you’re looking to control your spend.

Which is best postpaid plan?

Reliance Jio Rs 399 Postpaid Plan The plan offers 75GB of total data with unlimited voice calling benefits along with no off-net limitations and unlimited SMSes. It also offers complimentary subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+Hotstar VIP along with access to all of the company’s own online apps.

Can OFW apply for Smart postpaid?

Who can avail of the OFW Connect service? OFW Connect is available to Smart prepaid roaming subscribers in Hong Kong and Singapore only. They can send the unlimited texts to Sun prepaid and postpaid subscribers, TnT and Smart postpaid subscribers. … As long as you are on roaming, you can use OFW Connect.

How can I get smart postpaid plan?

How to apply online for a Smart Postpaid lineSTEP 1: Choose Your Plan. Go to the Smart Online Store at and click on Postpaid Plans. … STEP 2: (Optional) Choose your phone. Once you’re sure about your chosen plan, scroll down to see the available phones. … STEP 3: Check Out. Click Add to Cart. … STEP 4: Accomplish Form and Submit Requirements.

How can I check my Smart postpaid bill?

Dial *888 using your Smart Postpaid mobile number. Press 1 for inquiries related to account, billing, and payment. Press 1 to know your latest billed amount.

Which is the cheapest postpaid plan?

Here is a list of top cheapest postpaid plans from Jio, Airtel and Vi.Jio’s Rs 299 Plan. 1/ 6. The Rs 299 monthly postpaid plan from Jio offers 25GB of Data with no data rollover facility. … Jio’s Rs 399 Plan. 2/ 6. … Airtel’s Rs 499 Plan. 3/ 6. … Airtel’s Rs 750 Plan. 4/ 6. … Vi’s Rs 399 Plan. 5/ 6. … Vi’s Rs 499 Plan. 6/ 6.

How do I know if a number is postpaid?

postpaid will have account information, billing details, plan change etc and prepaid will have balance, validity etc. 2. if u can get to use ur friend’s mobile, dial the common balance enquiry number for that service provider – generally it is *123#(for airtel), *125#(for aircel), *141# (for vodafone).

Is postpaid cheaper than prepaid?

This is because postpaid plans usually offer free calls as well as bundle data plans. Although postpaid plans generally do cost more than prepaid plans, if you actually use the extras such as free calls, it will work out to be cheaper.

Is Yoodo under Celcom?

Yoodo runs on the Celcom network That’s the network with the widest 4G coverage in Malaysia.

What is smart application?

Smart applications are those applications that incorporate data-driven, actionable insights into the user experience. Insights are delivered in context as features in applications that enable users to more efficiently complete a desired task or action. … Smart applications can be consumer-facing or employee-facing.

Can a student apply for Smart postpaid plan?

College students, for example, can now avail of their very first postpaid plan by walking into any Smart Store. … They simply need to present one valid ID (school IDs are welcome), pay the P250 one-time application fee, and they can go home with a Freedom SIM pack.

What are the benefits of postpaid SIM?

On your Postpaid connection, you use the services first and pay for it later. Therefore, you need not worry about maintaining your Talktime balance. You receive a detailed bill to track your expenses, so there is no surprise abruption in the services.

Can Smart postpaid be loaded?

Smart Communications, Inc. Add-Ons are call, text and data promos, bundles or packages that you can use to power up your Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid,TNT and Smart Bro accounts. You can choose and buy or register to the add-ons you need through the Smart Online Store.