Question: Can I Use My First Premier Credit Card Before It Arrives?

Should I close my First Premier credit card?

You can cancel your card anytime without a cancellation fee.

If you do it within 30 days of receiving the cardholder contract, the program fee or any other fees charged will be refunded.

Considering First Premier’s high annual and monthly fees and APR, cancelling this card is probably a good idea..

Can I use my new credit card before it arrives?

Normally, you can’t use a credit card without restriction before it arrives, because you can’t see the full credit card number, expiration date and CVV until you have the card in hand. If you need to start using a credit card today, you’ll likely want to consider applying for an American Express credit card.

Can I withdraw money from my first Premier credit card?

You can withdraw money from the First Premier Bank Credit Card as a cash advance. … If you take a cash advance, you’ll need to pay a cash advance transaction fee of $8 or 5% of the cash advance, whichever is greater.

How long does it take to receive credit card in mail?

If you’re approved for a new credit card, most companies say that your card will arrive within seven to 10 business days. That’s just an estimate and consumers usually don’t have to wait that long to get their credit cards. In many cases, you can receive your new card in the mail in five business days or less.

Will First Premier Bank credit card help my credit?

First PREMIER® Bank Mastercard Credit Card’s Highlights Fees reduce your available credit. For example, if your initial credit limit is $300, your initial available credit will be only about $225, given the $75 Annual Fee that is charged on the card.

Can I track my credit card in the mail?

Once the card is approved, the applicant will receive a letter with the Air Way bill number of the shipment carrying the credit card. You can track your credit card status by using the Air Way bill number. You can go to the official website of bank and select ‘Track your credit card’.

Can I get a credit card same day?

Your best options to get a credit card today are American Express cards, Capital One cards and some store cards. While it’s pretty common to get approved for a credit card the same day if you apply online, you’ll still usually have to wait another 7-10 business days before your card comes to use it.

How long do credit card payments take to process?

It takes 1 to 3 business days for a credit card payment to post to your account if you pay online or by phone. Payments by mail will take a few days longer. If your credit card is linked to your checking account and both accounts are from the same bank, your payment may post immediately following the transaction.

How long does it take for First Premier credit card to arrive?

about 2 weeksHow long does it take to get your First Premier credit card in the mail? It takes about 2 weeks to get your First Premier credit card in the mail.

Is First Premier a real credit card?

The First Premier Bank Mastercard is a perfect example. It’s an unsecured card that offers approval to a wider range of credit profiles than many other credit cards. However, there are some significant drawbacks.

Does First Premier give credit increases?

You can apply for a credit limit increase on your First Premier card any time, but can’t receive an increase until you have been a customer for 13 months. Increases range between $100 and $200 and they will charge you 25% of the amount by which the limit is increased.

What credit score do you need for a first Premier credit card?

The Pros: Bad Credit and Bankruptcy OK First PREMIER is popular for its subprime credit card offerings, which cater to the poor-credit (credit scores below 650) consumer market.