How Many Talking Points Do I Get On My Phone?

How do you get talking points?

Keep it short and simple.

Because their purpose is to ease verbal presentation, talking points should be short and contain only the most relevant information.

Capture the main point or points.

People won’t remember every word they hear in a presentation.

Think about your audience..

Does Vodacom still have talking points?

Talking points has been decommissioned from 31 July 2020. We’re now rewarding you with VodaBucks for simply using our Vodacom services! The more you do, the more VodaBucks you earn, and the more rewards you can spend them on.

Can I buy airtime with talking points?

You can redeem your points for various freebies, like cellphones, tablets, data and SMS bundles. If you have 1000 points and less, they can be redeemed for data, SMS bundles and prepaid airtime, while more than 1000 points could see you qualify to receive a cellphone.

Does talking points automatically translate?

The language is the native language that the family member speaks. Once you set the language, the contact will get your messages in the language you set up for them. The translation is automatic. TalkingPoints verifies the phone number is a valid cell phone number for you.

How long should talking points be?

one pageFor anyone on camera or speaking to a live audience, talking points should be no longer than one page, making them easily and quickly referenced. They might even fit on something no larger than an index card.

What is another word for talking points?

What is another word for talking point?issuequestioncontroversial subjectdebating pointhot topicsubject of debatetopic of conversationpoint of discussionheadlinetrending topic8 more rows