How Do You Call An Invocable Method In Test Class?

How do you call an Invocable flow?

To call an Apex method, add the Call Apex action to your process and select an Apex class with a @invocable method Annotation..

How do you call futures from process builder?

To call Future methods from Process Builder, call the future method from the in-vocable method.

Can we make callout from process builder?

Your future should be annotated with @future(callout=true) to be able to make callouts. @InvocableMethod makes the method visible to process builder. @future(callout=true) makes the process builder able to use methods that callout since there can only be asyncronous callouts allowed from an invocable method.

What is Invocable process in Salesforce?

Invocable processes let you modularize sections of your processes and add more logic to them. An invocable process is process that starts when another process invokes it. Whether a process is invocable or not is controlled by The process starts when in the process’s properties.

What is Invocable method?

Invocable methods are called with REST API and used to invoke a single Apex method. Invocable methods have dynamic input and output values and support describe calls. The following code sample shows an invocable method with primitive data types.

How do you call an Invocable method in process builder?

Invocable Actions are Apex methods that can be called from Flows, Processes and are exposed through the REST API. To create an Invocable Action you need to add the @InvocableMethod annotation to your method and away you go (OK, it’s not quite that simple, there are a few restrictions which are covered here).