How Do I Use Entrust In A Sentence?

Has been entrusted with meaning?

entrust someone with someone or something.

to trust someone to provide protection and care for someone or something..

What does it mean to entrust yourself to someone?

To entrust is to give someone a responsibility you assume she will fulfill. If you entrust someone with the task of getting you to school on time, make sure she’s punctual. To entrust is to let someone take care of something for you because you believe she will protect it.

What is the difference between trust and entrust?

As verbs the difference between trust and entrust is that trust is to place confidence in; to rely on, to confide, or repose faith, in while entrust is to trust to the care of.

How do you use considered in a sentence?

Considered sentence examplesShe would never have considered back-talking her parents. … I considered this change of events. … He hadn’t even considered that she might not want to go. … I considered my answer. … Dusty considered her words. … I am considered quite unusual. … If not for her unusual power, and his cold magic, she would’ve considered him crazy.More items…

What is another word for encircle?

In this page you can discover 48 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for encircle, like: enclose, circle, girdle, surround, circumambient, circumferential, coronary, encircling, encompassing, peripheral and band.

What does enlarge mean?

1 : to make larger : extend enlarged the family fortune with new investments. 2 : to give greater scope to : expand education may enlarge one’s view of the world.

What is another word for entrusted?

Some common synonyms of entrust are commit, confide, consign, and relegate.

Will you entrust him that message?

To entrust someone with something means to give someone a thing or duty for which they are responsible. Here the man is entrusted with the message.

What is Entrustee?

Entrustee means corporate fiduciary entities meeting applicable regulations such as pension management companies who are entrusted to manage the Enterprise Annuity Fund, and it specially refers to Party B herein.

What does encircle mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to form a circle around : surround.

What is the meaning of blustery?

Use the adjective blustery to describe weather that brings extremely strong gusts of wind. While this word is frequently used for weather — think blustery October days with leaves blowing and people clutching their hats — it can also describe people who act aggressively or confidently but don’t follow through. …

What God has entrusted to us?

“God has entrusted me with a smile, some teeth, the ability to dance and my heart,” says Greer, 5.