How Do I Top Up Giffgaff Without Logging In?

How can I top up my giffgaff without Internet?

You can access the top up pages free on giffgaff without any data allowances.

Simply follow this or you can redeem it by dialling 43430 free from your phone..

How do I top up my giffgaff number?

In order to topup someone else’s account, go to and click on Top-up a different giffgaff number, just click on the link Top up a different giffgaff number and then enter the phone number you wish to Top-up.

Can you top up giffgaff with debit card?

Use a credit/debit card, or Paypal on our site. Or buy a giffgaff voucher in certain shops and redeem it online or over the phone by calling 43430.

How do I top up giffgaff for the first time?

How to top up first timeClick on My Giffgaff (at the top)Go to Top Up.Click on Goodybags (press select)Choose the goodybag you want LEAVE THE RECURRING OPTION UNCHECKED (press select)On the next page click on Continue.Then press Exchange Airtime Credit.

Where do I buy giffgaff vouchers?

You can buy vouchers from most supermarkets, corner shops, newsagents, petrol stations and Post Offices. As well as loads of other stores who provide ePay, Payzone or PayPoint services.