How Do I Replenish My Wallet In TPC?

How do you replenish load wallet in LoadCentral?

How To Replenish LoadWallet?[Step 1] Send your payment (over-the-counter, online transfer, fund transfer, bank-to-bank transfer) to any of the bank accounts stated below:[Step 2] Inform LoadCentral about the details of your payment by doing any of the following:Syntax for Bank Deposit:Syntax for Online Banking:More items….

How do I become a load wallet dealer?

Purchase loading SIM cards at a Globe Business Center, Smart Wireless Center or other major load distributor companies in your area. You can buy prepaid cards in any business center. For e-loading, the place where you will get each SIM is ideally the place where you can reload your credit stock.

How do I become a LoadCentral dealer?

REGISTRATION PROCESSFill out and submit the form.LoadCentral will review your application and register your account.You will receive a confirmation message via SMS and/or email from LoadCentral once your account has been successfully registered.

How do I return Telepreneur?

How to refund load? To Refund, type: HELP (space) RF (space) Trace Number (space) Date and Time and send to gateway. *Only Load Pocket and unsuccessfully loaded amount can be refunded.

What is load wallet?

Load Wallet is your all in one wallet to send load and pay bills. by CommuniGate Technologies Inc.

How do I transfer regular load to retailer SIM?

TRANSFER VIA SMS / WEBTOOL. SMS ( Click here to view access numbers )Dealer sends the Retailer the agreed wallet amount by typing:TransferDealer 6-digit passwordMobile no. of RetailerWallet amount, then send to LoadCentral number.

How do I cancel my TPC retailer SIM?

8. HOW TO DEACTIVATE: NOTE: Only a dealer can request for the deactivation of an account. JUST SEND HELPCONCERN and send to gateway. 18.

How do you make a load wallet?

Follow these easy steps:Go to Load Wallet Sign Up page via official link below.Login using your username and password. Login screen appears upon successful login.If you still can’t access Load Wallet Sign Up then see Troublshooting options here.

Where can I buy smart load wallet?

If you have a store location, please contact your Provincial Distributor or Distributor Sales Personnel (DSP) to buy Smart load wallet. For retailers without store location, you may visit the nearest 7-11 store.

How can I check my loading balance in smart retailer SIM?

12 Ways to Check Prepaid Load BalanceGo to SMART MENU > Buddy Balance/Prepaid Balance to receive load balance information via text.Text ? … Dial and call 214# and press Call to receive load balance information via text.Dial and call *121# and press Call to view regular load balance (and subscribe to prepaid offers).More items…

How do you load a smart card?

Call and Text Cards / Ticketload Purchase a call and text card (CTC) or TicketLoad at stores and retailers. Lightly scratch off the protective ink on the card to reveal the 14-digit PIN. To reload Smart Prepaid, dial 1510 and press send. To reload Talk ‘N Text, dial 1511 and press send.

How do I replenish TPC load wallet with Gcash?

TPC E-loading Franchise Business 1st Step→Go to any 7-11 Branches Nationwide. 6th Step→Enter our Gcash Mobile Number and the Exact Amount you want. 9th→After you got the receipt, double check the Gcash Mobile Number and Amount. 10th→Go to the Cashier, give the receipt to pay.

How do I check my TPC load wallet?

To know your current Load Credit balance,Type BAL.Send it to your Gateway.

How do I activate the retailer Sim in TPC?

To activate, type: ACT (space) mobile Number and send to gateway. *Example: ACT 09123456789 and send to gateway. Note: 100 Load Pocket balance is required to activate a System User. The 100 Load Pocket that was deducted from your account will be received by the New System User.

Where can I load my Gcash wallet?

You can Cash-In through BPI Mobile Banking, MoneyGram, Western Union, RCBC Mobile Banking, UnionBank Mobile Banking, PayPal Funds Transfer and MasterCard/Visa debit cards found in the GCash App, or by going to any GCash Partner Outlets (GPOs), including Globe Stores, Puregold, SM Business Center, Cebuana Lhuillier, …

How do I encash TPC Afund?

You can withdraw your funds after you have complied with the required procedure on Fund Withdrawals. Upon compliance of the required procedure, you can do this on your mobile phone: type ENCASHAMTDETAILS. Send it to your Gateway.

How can I check my Telepreneur balance?

Call ~:888, SMART will then reproccess your load after the reference number has been verified. Your Concerns should not exceed more than 160 characters. to helpdesk. if successful or not.

How can I activate my globe sim?

STEP 1: Go to the loading page. STEP 2: Enter your Prepaid mobile number. STEP 3: Choose an amount or Prepaid promo to load. STEP 4: Tick the captcha verification, and input your card details.

How can I get smart load wallet?

STEP 1: Go to then click Buy Online >> eLOAD. STEP 2: After being directed to the eLOAD page, choose your desired load denomination. Available denominations are Php300, Php500 and PhP1,000. If youre not yet logged in to My Smart, you will be asked to input your email/number and password.

How do I check my Globe 2020 load wallet balance?

Via the Globe MenuDial *143# on your phone and press Call.Enter number 7 for Balance Inquiry, then press Send.You will receive an onscreen message showing your current balance, free texts, and load validity.

How do I update my smart retailer SIM?

To update your Smart Load Menu, just type the syntax/keyword and send it the access code. For example, text PULL (space) MENU to 343. For successful menu updating, please take note of the following: Account must have at least P1 airtime.