How Do I Pay My Airtel Bill After Porting?

How can I pay my postpaid bill?

How to Make Online Mobile Bill Payment?Enter your postpaid mobile number.Select your mobile operator.Enter the amount.Pick bill payment promo code of your choice and get a cashback & other offers.Choose the payment method of your preference.You are done with it!.

How can I pay my Airtel bill after porting?

If you have ported your Airtel Number into other services and there is an outstanding amount bill felt to pay….Methods/Process of Airtel Inactive Number Bill Payment Online:Debit Card Payment.Credit card Payment.Net-Banking transfer.

What happens if Vodafone postpaid bill is not paid?

If you did not pay your vodafone postpaid bill then the company will send you a letter telling you to pay your liabilities with them. In case you did not comply with this, they will terminate your account and you can no longer use your subscription.

Can I port my sim online?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to port any telecom operator number to Airtel without the hassle of changing existing sim number. … Other network postpaid users can also port number to Airtel prepaid online without any hassle. Airtel prepaid sim will be delivered free at doorstep.

How can I get details of my Airtel bill?

You can view and download your Airtel postpaid bill from Airtel Thanks app.Go to Airtel Thanks App.Click on your mobile number from app home page.Go to ‘Bill & Plan’ the bill you want to download and click on “Itemized bill”

How can I check my postpaid bill?

How To Check Vodafone Postpaid Bill Online Using Website?Step 1: Visit Vodafone’s official website on your smartphone or PC.Step 2: Enter your Login details.Step 3: After logging in, click on ‘My Accounts’Step 4: Under this tab, you can find your unused minutes and data.More items…•

How can I get Airtel postpaid call details?

First download Official Airtel Call History App from Play Store.Now register for new account by email id.Once your account created enter you mobile number.Simply click on get call history option.That’s it you will get your last 1 year call history.

How can I see my Airtel bill details?

You can check your postpaid bill amount by dialling *121# from your Airtel postpaid number.

How do I check my Airtel post on pre bill?

2 How To Check Airtel Postpaid Bill On The App?…How To Check Balance Using Codes?QueryAirtel CodeUnbilled amountSMS UNB to 121Outstanding AmountSMS OT to 121Last 3 payment detailsSMS PAY to 121Bill SummarySMS BILL to 1218 more rows•Apr 5, 2019

What happens if I dont pay my Airtel postpaid bill?

If you don’t pay airtel bill, then after sometime airtel Customer care Guys will call you on daily basis to remind him about to about the payment. If after multiple reminders you don’t pay the their recovery department will start calling you and they may also take legal actions.

How can I know my Airtel postpaid bill outstanding amount?

You can get your Airtel bill by dialling *121# from your mobile phone. Once you dial *121# from your Airtel postpaid number, you will find your pending bills and outstanding amount.

What is the first recharge after porting to Airtel?

Airtel’s first recharge plan at Rs 647: The plan validity for Airtel’s first recharge plan at Rs 647 is 84 days. Users will get 1.5 GB daily data and unlimited calling with this plan. They will also get 100 SMS/day with this plan. Users can also go in for a second recharge with these plans.

What is Airtel account no? Airtel Number Check Code. *282# You can also know Airtel number check code by using MyAirtel App.

How long does it take for SIM to activate after porting?

Subscribers are intimated via an SMS about the date and time of porting. Your old SIM will be deactivated within one hour of the stated time of porting. Your new SIM card will be activated within two hours of the stated porting time.

How can I recharge my airtel bill?

“Airtel prepaid mobile customers can visit the new self care website to receive and activate customized offers on ‘my airtel, my offer’ (MAMO), view tariff and top up options, request for the itemized bill and more,” Bharti Airtel said in a statement.

How can I pay my Airtel bill by account number?

Postpaid Bill Payment using the websiteVisit the official Airtel website and log in.Click on the ‘Postpaid’ tab and enter your mobile number.Choose the respective mobile operator from the dropdown menu and set in the amount that you want to pay.Select the mode of payment and enter the OTP generated on your mobile.More items…

How can I activate my Airtel SIM after port?

The SMS will confirm the completion of the porting process, and also contain a tele-verification code. After you have the tele-verification code, you need to insert the new Airtel SIM card into your phone and verify the tele-verification code by calling ‘59059’ and entering the tele-verification code.

How do I pay my Airtel bill after porting to Vodafone?

Just follow below steps:Visit the website and log in.Click on the ‘Postpaid’ tab and enter your number.Select the respective mobile operator and put in the amount that you want to pay.Choose the medium of payment and enter the OTP generated on your mobile.Continue to complete the transaction.