How Can I Use Paytm For The First Time?

How can I withdraw money from Paytm first?

Follow the few simple steps below:On the top right of your home screen of Paytm First Games app, click on the “Balance” icon with the ‘₹’ symbol on it.

Then fill the below mentioned mandatory fields – …

Once all the above checks have been successfully done, the ‘Withdraw’ button will get activated.More items….

Is Paytm free to use?

We help you transfer money instantly to anyone at zero cost using the Paytm Wallet. This money can then be used to pay seamlessly at several places like taxi and autos, petrol pumps, grocery shops, restaurants, coffee shops, multiplexes, parking, pharmacies, hospitals and kirana shops among others.

Is Paytm safe?

Is Paytm safe? Completely. Paytm is PCI DSS compliant in terms of security. We never store customer’s CVV number to ensure their Credit and Debit Card details are completely safe.

Is Paytm accepted in Amazon?

NO, you can not shop directly on Amazon with Paytm money because Amazon does not have paytm as payment option. Neither you can transfer money directly from Paytm to Amazon Pay. … ( Surely you can transfer money from your Paytm wallet to Bank Account, then you can shop on Amazon from your bank.

How can I get 1000 rupees in Paytm?

You can try in your Paytm Account. Have a Look below !!…Paytm – Get Rs 100/1000 Free Paytm Cash in your wallet (Selected users) First of all, Download Paytm App Here. Login / Sign up to your account. Click on “Add Money icon” >> Enter Amount as Rs 100 or Rs 1000. Apply Coupon:- PCAUG100 OR PCAUG1000.More items…

How can I get 50 cashback on Paytm?

Visit or Click here from app to avail the offer. Enter your details. Enter Coupon Code at the time of recharge.

How can I get free Paytm cash?

You can get free Paytm cash by playing games, reading news, watching Ads, checking-in, downloading Apps. But CashBoss App does not have a lot of options to earn Paytm cash. You can only earn Paytm cash by downloading Apps in CashBoss App. Signup and earn Paytm cash option is available in every App on the list.

How can I learn Paytm?

In order to use the Paytm Wallet and transact cash-free, follow the steps below:Set up a Paytm account using your mobile number and email ID.Add some money to your Paytm Wallet using netbanking, debit card, or credit card.To transfer money to someone else, select the ‘Pay or Send’ option.More items…•

Is Paytm banned?

Also Read Google bans Paytm app from Play Store for allegedly violating its gambling policies. … Apps that lead consumers to external websites that allow them to participate in paid tournaments to win real money or cash prizes are also not allowed on the Play Store, as per the guidelines.

How can I install Paytm?

Pre-requisites:Download and Install the app from your respective app store. o For Android users: Open Google Play Store and search for the Paytm app and tap on Install. … A working internet connection is a must.Create a login ID and password using your phone number.After you have downloaded and installed the app.

How use Paytm step by step?

To do so, follow these steps:Open the Paytm app.On the app home screen, tap on the ‘Pay or Send’ option.Tap on the “Mobile No.” option.Enter the mobile number of the person to which you want to pay or send the money. … Enter the desired amount.Tap on the ‘Send Money’ button to proceed with the payment.

What is the benefit of Paytm first?

Paytm First provides benefits worth up to Rs. 12,000 to the members. The membership also rewards customers for repeat purchases. Paytm premium loyalty program offers benefits across food, entertainment, travel, shopping and more.

Is Paytm first worth buying?

Paytm First @ Rs. 750/year. First and foremost, as an inaugural offer, you could get a cashback worth Rs 100 for a limited time. So, for the first year, your effective price will be Rs.

Is Paytm better or Google pay?

Pay through Credit Card Well here Paytm has an advantage over Google Pay. It allows you to pay your bills and mobile recharge via credit card. For Google Pay, you don’t have an option to pay through credit cards. So if you are running out of cash and your bill is due, you can pay the same via Paytm using a credit card.

Can I use Paytm without bank account?

You are not required to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank to use the wallet. Q. Can I opt out? In case you choose not to continue to enjoy the benefits of your Paytm Wallet, log in to to notify your choice of opting out and redeeming your balance by a one time transfer to your own bank account.

What is monthly limit of Paytm?

Rs. 10,000What else should I know about Paytm Wallet? Paytm wallet has a basic monthly limit set by RBI. This means you cannot keep or spend more than Rs. 10,000 in your wallet in a month.

How can I add money in Paytm for the first time?

You can add money to your Paytm Wallet following these few simple steps.Step 1: First, you have to log into your Paytm account and click on the Paytm Wallet icon located at the top right of the page.Step 2: You need to enter the amount you want to add and click on the Add Money option.More items…•

What is required for Paytm account?

Steps to create Paytm account via app:Launch your Paytm app.Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.Tap on ‘Create a New Account’Enter your mobile number, email address and a password.Tap on ‘Create a New Account’.You will get an OTP on the mobile number you entered.More items…