How Can I Download My Aadhar Card Without Aadhar Card?

Can I download Aadhar card by name?

Steps you follow can download Aadhar Card by name and date of birth.

Step 2: On the home page select My Aadhaar.

Step 4: On the page, select Aadhaar Number.

Step 5: Next, enter your full name..

How can I reprint my Aadhar card?

Order Aadhaar ReprintClick on “Order Aadhaar Reprint” Service.Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number (UID) or 16 digit Virtual Identification Number (VID)Enter the security code.If you have TOTP, choose option “I have TOTP”” by clicking in check box else Click on “Request OTP” button.Enter OTP/TOTP received on registered mobile number.More items…

How can I verify my Aadhar card?

Go to URL Enter ‘Aadhaar Number’ or ‘VID’ and mentioned ‘Security Code’ in screen, then click on ‘Send OTP’ or ‘Enter TOTP’. The OTP will be sent to the registered Mobile Number for the given Aadhaar number or VID.

How can I know my Aadhar number?

Here’s the process:Click on Verify Aadhaar Number. … Once you enter the two details, a window will appear that will tell you if whether the Aadhaar number exits with UIDAI or not. … One does not need an Aadhaar number of their own to verify any individual’s Aaadhaar number or their identity.

Below-given is the steps to add your mobile number in Aadhaar:Visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment or Update Center.Fill the Aadhaar Correction Form available at the center.Fill in your current/existing mobile number that you are currently using and want to update in your Aadhaar.More items…•

How can I download my Aadhar card with Aadhaar number?

Download Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar NumberKeep Your Aadhaar Card or Enrolment Number Ready. If you don’t have your Aadhaar: Keep your enrolment number along with the time and date provided in the acknowledgment slip ready. … Visit UIDAI Website. … Request for TOTP/OTP. … Enter OTP. … Download e-Aadhaar PDF.

How can I get my lost Aadhar card online?

You are required to visit website to download the duplicate copy of Aadhaar. The UIDAI website provides this option under the ‘Aadhaar Online Services’ Head. One can click on the option ‘Retrieve Lost UID/EID’. The website will direct you to another page.

How can I download my Aadhar card soft copy?

Follow the given steps below for e-Aadhaar card download by enrolment number:Step 1: Visit 2: Click “Download Aadhaar” option.Step 3: You will be redirected to 4: Enter your 14-digit enrolment ID number and 14-digit time and date values.

Can we apply Aadhar card online?

The applicant will need to book an appointment and visit the enrollment center. You can also apply for an online aadhaar card, known as an e-aadhaar card, by visiting the official website of UIDAI. The first step for aadhaar card application is to search for an enrollment center nearby.

How can I register my mobile no in Aadhar card?

Here is what you need to do to register your mobile number in Aadhaar: Visit UIDAI website. … Fill the Aadhaar Correction Form. Mention your current mobile number that has to be updated in Aadhaar. Submit the form and provide your biometrics for authentication. You will receive acknowledgement slip.More items…•

Is Fir necessary for lost Aadhar card?

The first thing users must do after losing a printed copy of Aadhaar is file an FIR at a local police station. Aadhaar card serves as a proof of identity and address in India. So losing or misplacing it can be a source of worry.

How can I get my Aadhar card without any details?

Yes, In case your mobile number is registered in Aadhaar, you can find your Enrolment number (EID) or Aadhaar (UID) by clicking on “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” tab under Section Aadhaar enrolment on website or

How can I open my Aadhar card?

A. You can open the pdf file of your e Aadhaar card by inputting a combination of the first four letters of your name written in CAPITALS (Name as mentioned in the Aadhaar card) and your Year of Birth (in YYYY format) as your e Aadhaar card password or e Aadhaar card PDF password.

How can I know my registered mobile number in Aadhar card?

In order to check the mobile number registered in their Aadhaar, one can follow these easy steps: Visit the UIDAI website and click on ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ under the ‘Aadhaar Services’ category.

How can I download my Aadhar card without mobile number?

As mentioned above, it is not possible to download your Aadhaar card without registered mobile number. You will now need to visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre with acknowledgement number and get your mobile number updated. Also, you can use your biometrics to download your Aadhaar number.

How can I search my Aadhar card by name?

Go to Select appropriate option, “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)”, under “You want to receive your lost:” Enter your full name. Enter your email address.

How long will it take to get Aadhaar reprint?

Order Aadhaar Reprint: Get printed copy of updated Aadhaar delivered within 15 days via speed post; check details here.

Is duplicate Aadhaar card valid?

“The Aadhaar card or the downloaded Aadhaar card printed on ordinary paper is perfectly valid for all uses. … The printout of the downloaded Aadhaar card, even in black and white form, is as valid as the original Aadhaar card sent by UIDAI”, CEO of UIDAI, Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey said.

What to do when Adhar card is lost?

Here is how you can get your duplicate copy of Aadhaar card in case you have lost one: Log-in to the official UIDAI website. Click on the ‘Order Aadhaar Reprint’ option. Enter your Aadhaar Number (UID) or Enrollment ID (EID).More items…•