Can We Download Documents From DigiLocker?

What documents can be stored in DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a cloud based document storage system of the Government of India.

Using this facility, one can store important documents such as PAN cards, marksheets, insurance policies, certificates, driving license, etc.

in an electronic format..

Can I show DigiLocker to traffic police?

Sir,documents in digilocker are valid, but in case of any violation committed by driver/rider or if vehicle seized original (hard copy) DL/RC is required. … So whenever the next time you are stopped by the traffic police, you can produce your documents through DigiLocker and these will be valid.

Is DigiLocker valid at airport?

Identity documents through DigiLocker are now accepted at airports, railways and on roads.

Can I use DigiLocker without Aadhar card?

How to use DigiLocker without Aadhar card | How to link Pan Card in DigiLocker. 8. … After the successful Pan Card linking you can see the message ‘Your document is saved in Issued Documents section. ‘ Now you can see your Pan Card in the Issued Documents section in your DigiLocker Account.

Is DigiLocker a government app?

Available both on websites and mobile apps, DigiLocker is nothing but a digital locker to store all your documents. Linked to both Aadhaar card and cellphone numbers, DigiLocker eliminates the use of physical documents as part of the government’s Digital India drive, since all data is stored in the cloud.

How do I add insurance to my DigiLocker?

How to upload your car documents in DigiLocker?Download the DigiLocker App (Android Only) on your smartphone or visit the official website of DigiLocker.Signup using the phone number and validate using you Aadhaar.Once at the dashboard, you need to click on the Upload button.Select the file you need to upload in the Upload File Dialog box.More items…•

How do I share documents with DigiLocker?

How to share documents via Digi locker?Step 1- Start by visiting the digilocker website.Step 2- Sign in using the valid credentials.Step 3- Click on the upload document link.Step 4- The list of uploaded documents will appear.Step 5- Click on “share” link given on same section.Step 6- A pop will appear on screen.More items…•

Is soft copy of RC valid?

All the drivers can present their documents in soft copy format through DigiLocker or the mParivahan app. … These types of digital formats are also legally recognized to be equivalence with the original ones as per the Information Technology Act, 2000.

How do I download my DigiLocker emission certificate?

Follow the below steps to get Emission Certificate /Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate in Digilocker.Visit Digilocker website.Click on Signin to proceed.Enter your Username and Password in the fields given. Click on the Signin button to Login to your digilocker account. OR.

Can DigiLocker download voter ID?

Organizations that are registered with Digital Locker can push electronic copies of documents and certificates (e.g. driving license, Voter ID, School certificates) directly into citizens lockers. Citizens can also upload scanned copies of their legacy documents in their accounts.

ShareGo to Digilocker website.Log in to your digilocker account.Click on Uploaded documents.In the list of uploaded document, click on delete icon to remove the document from your digilocker database.

Can I show my license on my phone?

Using your phone as a form of ID at the airport or bar could become a reality. Qualcomm and Google have partnered up to work on a system secure enough to store a digital copy of your driver’s license, passport and other forms of identification on your phone.

Is license on DigiLocker valid?

NEW DELHI: Documents such as driving licence or registration certificate in electronic formats will be treated at par with original documents if stored on DigiLocker or mParivahan apps, the government said on Friday. … “With this revision of rules, it is now not necessary for people to carry the relevant paper documents.

How do I download documents from DigiLocker?

You will receive an OTP on your mobile number linked to Aadhaar. Enter this OTP in the OTP box and click “Verify OTP” button. On successful validation of the OTP you will be redirected to “Issued Document” page where URI for eAadhaar will be listed. Click on “Save” icon next to Aadhaar Card on “Issued Document” page.

Is it safe to upload documents on DigiLocker?

A) The government assures that DigiLocker is completely safe, with some of the best security features available on date. DigiLocker allows only the user to access their data and documents. The user gets a secure and private cloud account, which is password-protected.

Can PUC be done online?

Can we get a PUC Certificate online? You need to take your vehicle to an emission testing centre to manually check the emission levels before a pollution certificate can be issued. However, once it is issued, you can download the PUCC from the Parivahan website.

Is pollution certificate available in DigiLocker?

Pollution Under Control certificate is still not available on DigiLocker.

Is PUC available in DigiLocker?

Step 5: Once the DL has been setup, the Digilocker app will allow you to save other vehicle documents. This includes the Registration Certificate (RC), insurance and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. … These documents are accepted by traffic police officials across the country.

Is Passport available in DigiLocker?

DigiLocker: Store documents like driving licence, PAN, passport, marksheet and more. DigitLocker is a cloud-based platform that can be used for storing, sharing and verification of individual’s documents and certificates. These include driving licence, PAN, passport, birth certificates, marksheets etc.

Should original RC be carried while driving?

Carrying a physical copy of a driving license or a vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) is not mandatory and need not be produced if stopped by traffic cops.